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Gensosenkyo 2022

English translation

The English translation on the site is not yet complete and we prepared in text format (Google Docs).
Please note that it may not be up to date with the latest information.



2022年6月24日(金)21:00 から

2022年6月26日(日)23:59 まで


  • 選挙運動・作品募集など
  • 開票イラスト応募状況

What is the "Gensosenkyo" ?

  • It's an unofficial event held on Twitter where you vote for your favorite Suikoden characters.
  • This is a volunteer fan-run project and is in no way affiliated with any existing companies.
  • We hope the Suikoden General Election is one of the places where you can express thoughts of "I love Suikoden!" and "I love my fave!"
  • We will work hard to make this an exciting festive event for Suikoden fans, and we look forward to working with you.

Event overview

Voting period


2022 June 24 (Fri) 21:00 (JST)


2022 June 26 (Sun) 23:59 (JST)

Voting results reveal days

First part

2022 July 9 (Sat) from 19:00 JST (expected start time)

Second part

2022 July 16 (Sat) from 19:00 JST (expected start time)


(1) All characters division

In this division, vote for your favorite characters.

Number of votes

1 person has up to 3 votes

  • You are allowed to give 1 vote per character (you cannot give multiple votes for the same character).
  • You can also vote for just 1 character or just 2 characters instead of using all 3 votes.

Hashtag to use for voting



  • お好きな「協力攻撃」を選んで投票する部門です。
  • 幻水シリーズ全ての協力攻撃が対象です。

お一人様 1票


お一人様 1票




  • 投票方法は こちらのツイート をご参照下さい。
  • ボーナス票は付きません。
  • お時間がないこともあり、開票イラスト、お題小説、推し台詞の募集はいたしません。申し訳ございません。
  • 選挙運動や投票時、後夜祭などで当部門の作品を掲載していただくことは構いませんので、ぜひどうぞ。

Voting methods

Please use one of the following two methods to vote.

Method 1: Vote by tweeting

  • Please vote with the designated hashtag in your tweet.
  • Please refer to the explanation in each section for the tweet's hashtag and contents.

Method 2: Vote by DM (direct message)

  • People with private (locked) accounts or people who lock and unlock their accounts, please vote by sending a DM to the organizer.
  • People with public accounts can also vote by DM.

*Note: If you want to make your account public only during the voting period

If you normally have a private account but want to vote as a public account during the voting period, please follow the steps below to vote.

  • Before voting, make your account public
  • After voting by tweet, check your vote on the dedicated page (instructions on how to check your vote will be posted at a later date).
  • Leave your account public until 2022 July 3 (Sun) 23:59 (JST).

*To prevent votes being missed during tallying, we recommend that people who may lock their accounts during the voting period vote by DM.


オールキャラ部門 投票例①

オールキャラ部門 投票例 01

オールキャラ部門 投票例②

オールキャラ部門 投票例 02
  • 愛称を使わずキャラクター名で投票してください。
  • 主人公は愛称で投票しても構いません。
    (5主人公→王子、TK主人公→団長 など)
  • 宿星外のキャラにも投票できます。幻水に関係するものであればフリーダムにどうぞ。

協力攻撃部門 投票例

About the "Hall of Fame"

The "Hall of Fame" system has been in place since 2017. The rules for entering the hall of fame are as follows

  • A character who has won first place a total of two times is a "Hall of Fame inductee".
  • The character inducted into the hall of fame will not be ranked in the following year's General Election only.

This year, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Suikoden General Election and because of the creation of “divisions”, votes for all characters will be allowed.


  • Each person votes one time per category
  • You can vote only by tweet or by DM.
  • Obviously if we receive multiple votes from the same person, their votes may be invalidated.
    Please help us by voting clearly/correctly for your favorites! We're begging you!
  • Please refrain from using the Suikoden General Election hashtags for criticizing or badmouthing specific characters or people who are fans of specific characters.














  • Campaigning
  • Voting illustrations
    • Sosenkyo book
  • Themed short stories
  • Fave quote
  • Opening illustration / Closing illustration
  • Bonus votes

Illustration by

Mamita ( @mamita404 )